Trail of Tears, day five

July 4, 2009 Posted to: MB Trail of Tears

Since the accident happened at 10:15 in the morning and Altus/Ozark AR was some 400+ miles away, they must have started out in the early morning around 4 am. Some accounts have Baba urging Elizabeth to drive at high speeds. Regardless, they approached the hill going pretty fast and encountered the other car in their lane.


The accident site at the top of the hill. Baba was thrown out of the car near the flowers in the foreground.


It is still a two lane road that’s traveled at high speeds to this day.

The injured were taken in an ambulance and a hearse from the local funeral home to the hospital right behind Dr. Burleson’s home>


This section of the hospital looks remarkably that same as it did then. Dr. Burleson and others used a back entrance to the hospital that was accessible for his home. Brigitte and Miriam Rose are walking to that entrance.


The room that Baba was cared for in is now used as an administrative office. A large photo of Baba hangs in the entranceway.


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