Southern Hospitality

June 26, 2009 Posted to: Uncategorized

Internet access has been spotty and it’s been hard to post. I’m at my sister-in-law’s house and things seem stable, for now.

To a person, everyone we’ve met have been wonderfully welcoming. It started with Charles, the guy behind the Hertz counter in Myrtle Beach. He was very helpful and researched our rate and saved us an additional $100. On top of that, he hung on to a Toyota Prius just for us because he knew we were going coast to coast. A sweet guy.

Over the last 24 hours we ran into 4 people from Walnut Creek. Imagine that. We’ve had a delightful time meeting new folks and visiting cool, out of the way places. During our stay in Myrtle Beach we encountered a lot of wildlife, including this guy:


There’s a freshwater lagoon near the cabin and just beyond are some sand dunes and then the Atlantic Ocean. This ‘gator was about 6 feet long. There’s a dragonfly hitching a ride on his head. Here’s Brigitte on the bridge over the Lagoon.


The south has been such a lovely place to visit. If only they could do something about the humidity……

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